We are equipped with a new generation manoeuvring simulator that offers a state-of-the-art performance. It gives the opportunity to execute manoeuvres in the best conditions ever, coupled with a realism level that has never been reached before.

These are some technical details that enable a better understanding of the maritime manoeuvring simulator mechanism.

The display system

Screen projection is the key element of the simulation process. Indeed, when it is about a manoeuvring simulator, distance accuracy and realism are major elements. It has therefore been decided to show the image on a panoramic screen outside the bridge. LCD screens in lieu of portholes, as in navigation simulators, do not meet the specified standards.

Through the bridge portholes, the image is displayed by 13 beamers on a 280 panoramic screen, 18 ft high x 52.5 ft diameter. In addition, two short focal projectors display the rear view from the pilot house. Finally, four 3.3 ft LCD screens have been placed on both sides of the bridge wings in order to optimize the simulation of berthing and departure operations.

projection 280 projection arrière lcd aileron

The whole system is controlled upstream by computers. No less than 19 of them are required to display an image.

The navigation bridge

It is installed just above the projectors and its dimensions are those of a medium-sized vessel bridge (29.5 ft x 13 ft). It is equipped with all the navigational aids (ECDIS, radar, sounder, GPS, AIS...) and enables to monitor all kinds of vessels (one or two propellers, fix or mobile blades, bow and/or stern thrusters, one or two blades with an azipod system...).

See the tools details:

This is a virtual view of the control panels and navigational aid tools :

The instructor room

The instructor function

His task is to create the exercise, to make sure it goes smoothly and to carry out a subsequent analysis. We can find there the different following elements :

  • Two computers for the control and preparation
  • Three screens to visualize the scene
  • One computer to visualize the utilisation of navigational aids
  • One computer to record the video and soundtrack of the bridge activities

poste instructeur

Debriefing projector

The projector enables to do a debriefing and to analyse the manoeuvre.

The technician work station

The technician work station is equipped with the « Model wizard » and « Virtual Shipyard 2 » softwares, required for the modelling of new environments and vessels.

soft modeling